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and mr. bonco. i'm sorry we had to interrupt your presentation and thank you for being here and if you want to continue. >> sure. i'll go over the punch line again. i said what the city of san francisco can do. as a large purchaser, it could require that its contracted plans maintain robust price transparency tools for their patient members and can that they work toward eliminating the gag claws of providers so there's not holes to consumers about what different providers might cost in terms of their out of pocket liability. what i was about to say is the city of san francisco, in order to make sure it meets its fiduciary duties could have all contract plans could offer discloses. any third party vendor contracted by the city and county so analyze on make information available to consumers. the city could consider building its own data base to design to produce robust information by its citizens. the only thought i have to add that people live or work in san francisco may seek care outside the city's boundaries or may live elsewhere and come into the city to work, the city could
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)